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In today’s cost constrained and rapidly changing world Ambient Performance’s immersive environments are ideally suited in the transportation domain for areas such as:

  • Transportation Incident Management
  • Stand-alone traffic modelling
  • Procedures development
  • Real-time training simulation
  • Modelling transportation ‘ergonomics’ e.g. railway stations, airports with AI vehicles and crowds

The benefits are clear:

  • Immersive environments can reduce costs in simulating exercises around incident management
  • Immersive environments can record and re-play scenarios so speeding the learning process as learners can review their input in a scenario
  • Immersive environments are a web-accessible service so many players can participate concurrently without being physically constrained to a specific intranet


  • Serious Virtual Worlds – SAIC’s OLIVE virtual world technology platform for training and scenario development
  • Ambient Education & Consultancy - full service updating education programme for innovators in organisations with supporting applied intellectual capital transfer consultancy practice


Why SAIC OLIVE for your organisation?

Cost savings, efficiency and effectiveness drive the shift to virtual worlds

Transportation incidents pose an enormous problem. In the US highway traffic congestion costs Americans 3.7 billion hours and 2.3 billion gallons of fuel every year. Idled truck traffic cost the industry $8 billion in 2004, and consumers pay higher freight costs as a result. In addition secondary crashes represent 20 percent of all traffic accidents. Importantly, first responders to traffic incidents risk their lives to manage congestion and accidents. More than 20 percent of annual firefighter deaths and half of the 300 law enforcement officers killed on duty occur on the roadways

Virtual worlds provide a flexible, cost-effective and efficient medium to meet these challenges by enabling distributed users to connect in the virtual world just as they would in the real world.

OLIVE powers enterprise-grade, private virtual worlds with life-like avatars and custom terrain

SAIC's OLIVE is a powerful, dynamic software platform that enables customers to deploy their own persistent and secure three-dimensional (3-D) virtual worlds where users can train, collaborate and rehearse using life-like human avatars in custom terrain over computer networks. OLIVE provides a video game-like 3-D user interface with access to a variety of functionality and rich media. OLIVE-based virtual worlds bring together physical presence, action, voice, data, and media in a realistic, context-specific simulated environment that can run in your IT environment.

OLIVE virtual training and practice helps prevent real-life errors

It's been said that "life's best lessons are learned from our mistakes." OLIVE's private, virtual worlds allow your organization to practice, rehearse, and operate in safe, realistic environments that replicate the real ones in your world. This enables organizations to learn from mistakes in the security and safety of the virtual world, so they can avoid them in the real one.

In OLIVE learners are given reinforcement of what they were meant to learn, using the computer-generated, virtual environment as an effective reinforcement tool. By experiencing changing scenarios, the learner should be able to react and respond in appropriate ways and understand the implications and ramifications of their responses, whether they were correct or flawed.

OLIVE virtual worlds delivers results and return on investment (ROI)

OLIVE can strengthen personnel learning and knowledge retention through its robust record and replay features. OLIVE virtual world technology can improve results, reduce costs, and enhance individual performance — all of which support your ROI.

OLIVE enables secure environments for transportation

Today OLIVE supports virtual world implementations in transportation. We provide tailored solutions based on industry- and customer-specific needs. These solutions meet both enterprise IT security and privacy requirements, and run on today's computing platforms.