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In today’s rapidly changing world Ambient Performance’s technologies and services are ideally suited for deployment in the first responder spaces and disaster management areas. In the interagency world of first response we provide secure solutions and services involving virtual worlds, location and augmented reality technologies.



  • Pre-deployment training using virtual worlds
  • Adapting to changing requirements using ‘in-theatre’ expertise in virtual worlds
  • Scenario planning and rehearsal for major events and vulnerable sites
  • Placing virtual objects in the real world for training

Virtual Worlds offer ‘real’ experiences in the safety of virtual ‘real’ worlds. Ambient Performance partners SAIC provide the OLIVE virtual world platform which enables complex team-based scenarios to be enacted. It is currently successfully in use in pre-deployment and multi-agency training.


  • Serious Virtual Worlds – SAIC’s OLIVE virtual world technology platform for training and scenario development
  • Ambient Education & Consultancy - full service updating education programme for innovators in organisations with supporting applied intellectual capital transfer consultancy practice

Serious Virtual Worlds
SAIC’s OLIVE (OnLine Interactive Virtual Environment) is a powerful software platform that enables organizations to deploy their own secure VWs. Users collaborate over computer networks using a video game-like 3-D user interface that provides access to a variety of functionality and media. OLIVE-based VWs bring together physical presence, action, voice, data, and media in realistic, context-specific, simulated environments with hypothetical or geospecific terrain. OLIVE computer-generated, 3D synthetic environments support a variety of collaboration, training, analysis, operations, experimentation, and socialization applications across virtually all industries.

With over 12 years of development behind it, OLIVE is one of the most advanced VW environments available today and the winner of numerous awards, including the 2008 Virtual Worlds Innovation Award for the Enterprise.

The OLIVE software platform provides: • A vast library of art assets, including samples of most types of objects, room interiors, avatar clothing, and animations for use in any VW effort • A set of integrated software modules and tools that work together to instantiate highly realistic virtual environments where users interact with one another • Multimedia sharing, scalable computing, and network-enabled connectivity that allows a complete IT-ready system for developing and supporting multiplayer, interactive VWs • Architecture and capabilities that are secure and proven – a critical consideration in making long-term investment decisions

Collaboration and Training:
Functionality Rich Media
OLIVE’s media dashboard enables remotely located collaborators to view the same rich, multimedia content together. Unlike most other virtual software technology, OLIVE supports the simultaneous presentation of a variety of desktop applications onto in-world screens– PowerPoint slides, streaming videos, white boarding, web-based SCORM content for learning, and more.

OLIVE increases access to its interactive worlds by enabling phone-based attendees without access to a PC to hear and be heard in the VW.

OLIVE users are always informed about who is present in-world and their status. Users can see who is talking through the appearance of radio waves over each speaker’s head.

Record and Replay
OLIVE allows organizations to conduct replays of completed sessions for debriefing participants or performing after action reviews. Trainees can receive real-time feedback from instructors or subject matter experts.

Engaging, Immersive User Experience
Photo-Realistic, Cognitive Culture Avatars
Unlike other VW technology, OLIVE provides avatars with photo-realistic appearances of actual people, including automated gestures and voice-activated lip synch, to deliver an immersive and personalized experience. OLIVE teammate Vcom3D brings ACAs to the OLIVE platform with realistic facial expressions and culturally accurate, gestural behaviors informed by an extensive culture knowledge base. Users can personalize the in-world appearance of any OLIVE avatar using OLIVE content packs or customized content.

High Quality Audio
OLIVE delivers clear, crisp, and spatially accurate voice communication that supports free-flowing conversation in-world.

Industry-Specific Content
OLIVE provides pre-developed, high-quality 3D content, including avatar clothing and gear, vehicles, meeting rooms, classrooms, buildings, cities, rural scenes, and more. With OLIVE, users can change or create clothing, equipment, surroundings and more, whenever the need arises, without having to purchase new items as required in other interactive VWs.

Integrated Social Networking
OLIVE links private or public personal profiles to avatars to help build relationships quickly or use links to connect to social networking sites, blogs, wikis, or content repositories.

Easy-to-Use, Role-Based User Interface
OLIVE’s design and training tools enable end users to learn OLIVE in minutes, using an intuitive, graphical user interface. Power users, including instructors or moderators, have access to advanced, role-specific controls, and courseware

Why SAIC OLIVE for your organisation?
Cost savings, efficiency and effectiveness drive the shift to virtual worlds
Dispersed global operations, soaring travel costs, changing threats, competitive environments, and the demand for faster, real-time decision-making are driving government organizations, academia, and corporations to identify new ways to collaborate, train, rehearse, and operate. Virtual worlds provide a flexible, cost-effective and efficient medium to meet these challenges by enabling distributed users to connect in the virtual world just as they would in the real world.

OLIVE powers enterprise-grade, private virtual worlds with life-like avatars and custom terrain
SAIC's OLIVE is a powerful, dynamic software platform that enables customers to deploy their own persistent and secure three-dimensional (3D) virtual worlds where users can train, collaborate and rehearse using life-like human avatars in custom terrain over computer networks. OLIVE provides a video game-like 3D user interface with access to a variety of functionality and rich media. OLIVE-based virtual worlds bring together physical presence, action, voice, data, and media in a realistic, context-specific simulated environment that can run in your IT environment.

OLIVE virtual training and practice helps prevent real-life errors
It's been said that "life's best lessons are learned from our mistakes." OLIVE's private virtual worlds allow your organization to practice, rehearse, and operate in safe, realistic environments that replicate the real ones in your world. This enables organizations to learn from mistakes in the security and safety of the virtual world, so they can avoid them in the real one.

OLIVE virtual worlds delivers results and return on investment (ROI)

OLIVE can bring together hundreds of distributed employees across the globe in one virtual world, reducing travel, meeting, training, and rehearsal costs. OLIVE delivers an immersive user experience superior to audio and web conferencing systems without the cost of specialized and location-based equipment associated with telepresence solutions. OLIVE can also strengthen personnel learning and knowledge retention through its robust record and replay features. OLIVE virtual world technology can improve results, reduce costs, and enhance individual performance — all of which support your ROI.

OLIVE enables secure environments for government, industry and academia
Today OLIVE supports virtual world implementations in healthcare, defence, government, emergency response, disaster preparedness, energy, transportation, retail, and higher education. We provide tailored solutions based on industry- and customer-specific needs. These solutions meet both enterprise IT security and privacy requirements, and run on today's computing platforms.