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‘The evidence suggests that simulation can enable the workforce to acquire skills more efficiently when compared to relying on opportunities to gain these skills as a part of routine clinical practice’- 'A Framework for Technology Enhanced Learning.' UK Department of Health. 2011

Ambient provides innovative and pragmatic solutions that reach and engage health professionals wherever they are to impact performance. Ambient specialises in solutions for the health professions on personal computers, tablets and mobile smartphones.

Ambient Performance's core services for healthcare are:

  • Clinical Immersive Environments – The Clinispace™ clinical virtual world technology platform for instruction, practice and modelling for teams and individuals
  • Interactive 3D Simulation – the NGRAIN interactive 3D simulation and visualisation platform which reduces time to competency for complex procedures, processes and equipment. Visualisation of procedures can be invaluable for patients, too.
  • Ambient Education & Consultancy - full service updating education programme for innovators in organisations with supporting applied intellectual capital transfer consultancy practice
Clinical Immersive Environments

Ambient has been building and supporting enterprise virtual worlds since 2005 and are excited about the new capabilities offered to health professionals by the Clinispace virtual clinical world. Clinispace is the first immersive virtual world platform that is built from the ground up solely to support health professionals. Clinispace offers:
  • 3D medical spaces
    • CliniSpace environments include clinical spaces such as an examination room, a ward, urgent care, emergency bays, and intensive care, as well as support spaces such as a conference/briefing room and a reception area.
  • Interactive medical objects
    • A rich set of actions and interactive objects are available to the learner including fluids, blood, oxygen, drugs and supplies, IV stands, EKG and ultrasound machines, radiographic imaging, and access to diagnostic tests for blood chemistry.
  • Dynamic simulation of physiology
    • DynaPatients™ with InSilico pathophysiologic models:
    • virtual victims of trauma (including blast trauma) producing hemorrhagic, hypovolemic shock
    • virtual victims of nerve toxin exposure producing asphyxial shock
    • virtual patients with respiratory, skin, or surgical site infection, progressing to septic shock
  • Multiuser and browser-accessible
    • Multiple learners log in as teams to care for virtual patients in scenarios of trauma, mass casualty, infection and community emergency. They practice team communication, leadership, handoff, and safety procedures using voice communication via headsets.
    • CliniSpace™ is a hosted application, reducing IT support needs for the customer, and providing easy, browser-based access to the learner. With the addition of servers and cloud computing, CliniSpace™ can be scaled to large class sizes, with any-time anywhere access to these learning environments.


  • Why Clinispace for your organisation?

    Healthcare organisations are facing a range of pressures

    • internally: healthcare change; constrained budgets; new equipment and techniques; diminishing training times; a rising interest in simulation;
    • externally: lowered cost pressures; emerging specialist development communities,

    Virtual Clinical Worlds such as Clinispace can help manage these pressures in two ways.

    • Firstly, to semi-replace high cost participatory activities, in particular those involving real workplace settings and team activities i.e. to offer safe ‘play-workspaces’.
    • Secondly, as secure spaces for innovation where novel methods of practice, service delivery, etc can be developed and tested prior to their possible roll out to their target constituencies.