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Ambient Performance specialises in immersive 3D environments for professionals


Ambient Performance specialises in providing immersive solutions with its world renowned partners to help solve difficult problems in a number of specific professional domains. These domains are healthcare, first response, highways and education and training.

Ambient Performance has been providing solutions in immersive environments since 2005 with Ambient’s founders being former corporate new technology executives and innovative intra/entrepreneurs with broad experience in the development and deployment of internet-based services into the professional marketplace. With our partners we provide the professional services to assist organisations deliver rapidly deployable and cost effective immersive solutions.

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Dick Davies
has led the way in innovation in technology supported learning in both corporate and academic organisations for over 20 years. In his academic career he was responsible for founding the first UK government funded centre for online learning and for providing the networked services for the first online MBA programme in Europe.

On moving to the corporate world he worked in internet corporate venturing. As the former Head of Integrated Learning for Cable & Wireless he latterly had global responsibility for e-Learning including the implementation of global online MBA and MSc programmes.

Founding the Online Courseware Factory in 1999 with other leading online learning experts he was responsible for a range of large government and corporate projects. Dick is the Managing Director at Ambient Performance.