Gotta Feeling….but it’s not on the list!

I’ve been trying out Gotta Feeling…which is an iphone app that helps you track your emotions. I was wondering whether using something like this alongside some automatically tracked biometrics make for a more useful, reflective quality of data. I liked the fact that the app visualises your mood changes over time. But overall that’s about it. However, I just can’t keep using it. First of all, my emotions are almost ALWAYS mixed, never singular. Also, call me boring, but very often I’m simply contented, or wistful….I don’t have many strong emotions…or if I do, I’m not usually in the mood to open my iphone and track them. also, where am I? Well, recently, I’ve very often been at home, in the car, at a shop…pretty mundane…and who with? family usually but I might want to be more specific than that……so I need more detail..but then of course it’s going to be even more fiddly to use. And finally I need to track hourly or more I’d say, to really get a proper idea of how these emotions. But the problem is, I actually have a life to be getting on know, the thing that generates the emotions…

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