Learning Theories – I think it’s less complicated than it all seems, Learning = for Living, Living = for Learning.

I remember when I started learning about “Learning Theories” thinking – there are so many, it’s so complicated!  Then I read an article yesterday in Harvard Business Review about the link between social and spatial intelligence, and it reminded me (I’m really not sure how I got there…but I think I saw it as something to do with the fact that learning about one thing, in one environment, in one way has an impact on everything else we know) that it’s not surprising we need multiple learning theories – because learning IS so complicated and multifarious -and at the same time there’s still only one thing we really need to keep remembering…that learning is living/living is learning, in other words for a long time we saw learning as sitting at a desk, but of course it’s not just that…..it’s not just reading, not just listening, not just about repetition, cause and effect, it’s about being social, being part of a community and overall about being in the world.  That includes moving, singing, sleeping, eating, sensing and feeling (when will there be a theory that incorporates the importance of sleep in learning I wonder…or does it already exist?  That would be my favouite one!).  We’re only just starting to recognise the importance of all the innumerable factors that influence learning and ways in which we learn – that are all important and very often forgotten in a classroom setting.

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