am I being swayed by a love of stuff, gadgets and pretty things?

I realise now why I’ve been feeling a bit concerned about exploring the body using digital wearable objects (or any kind of digital intervention). It’s because ( would argue) technology has shaped our minds but also our bodiesas much as they have shaped it. for example if you can agree that clothing is a tool/technology then we can argue that because of technology we ended up losing our hair – I’m sure there are more convincing examples than that one though. What I’m concerned about then is that by using digital mediat o understand and explore the relationshp between body and learning (on or offline), we change that relationship again.
I see two courses of action:
Drop the digital bit – (ouch :(
Or establish why the digital bit is so important to me…..
…my first response would be…for as long as I’ve really been engaged in technology my fascination with it has been in the way it’s able to reveal the invisible and visualise it in unusual and surprising and revealing ways…and once again I see it in this project as a way to expose our bodily behaviours during learning, in order to become aware, reflect upon and understand them better……..

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