An aside about learning technologists’ practice

Just a quick note to say, the more I think about it the more learning technologists need to resolve a really deep issue : how we work with academics, how we communicate effectively and come out with a result at the end that somehow intertwines the knowledge of both, rather than asserting the preferences and solutions and assumptions of one of the other. I know these issues have been experienced many times before, for example in interdisciplinary research, but I feel it is really critical to our roles and is something that we need to bring out into the open. Oliver looks at “What Learning Technologists Do” and recognises that collaboration is key. But how can we ensure these collaborations (which in my experience are becoming steadily more complex), really are successful?
It is certainly about developing relationships…..the more we know about each other the better we can work together…but what about all the new projects exploding from nowhere with the drive for blended learning? Anyone else got any thoughts?

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