Double Agent: Request for feedback

with thanks to Fortune Cookie for the use of this graphic

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Ron and I created a game that I hope we can play at a Hide and Seek Sandpit event in the near future. You can view the untested rules here: We trying to think of games which might create a raised awareness of body language. The Ludocity site includes lots of other wonderful street games – definitely worth taking a look.
Very grateful for any feedback.

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  1. Holly says:

    (Cross-posting the comment I left at the Ludocity page…)
    I love the idea of a game that explicitly makes people re-examine other people’s body language – there’s a bit of this sort of thing in many street games, that you need to figure out who the players are and so watch to see whether they’re looking shifty (Checkpoint) or aggressive or what, but making it explicit is lovely. With any luck the November Sandpit should be a good time to try this out – the venue for October isn’t suitable, I don’t think.
    I assume players will know who the other players are? Not sure if it’s worth marking them out explicitly, if so, so as not to give people with a good memory for faces an advantage. Probably not: obviously after a round or two of stickering it’ll be clear anyway, and the idea of it not being immediately obvious to non-players is nice.
    How exactly are scores calculated – locks-and-keys minus bullet wounds?

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