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Homework week 2

What do I see as the purpose for my research activity? Why am I doing this piece of research? Why do I want to do this piece of research? What are my research aspirations? What do I understand to be … Continue reading

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Hello my mind and my body, Hello your mind and your body

What would a greater appreciation of the relationship between mind and body for learners involve? I think it’s two things… an awareness of how we use our body to communicate with others….our gestures, our smell, our expressions, our posture, our … Continue reading

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Have you ever seen a synchronous community?

I was trying to be specific about the kind of communities for learning that I’m talking about…They’re online..OK and then I’m not trying to support webinar style communications… then I began to describe it as “asynchronous” communities. They’re the ones … Continue reading

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The relationship between ONline OFFlin INclassroom OUTofclassroom Body Mind Learning

The problem I have when I am discussing the nature of embodied learning for online learners is as usual one of vocabulary. Yes, it’s true that online learners learn online…but only sometimes…they also do a lot of learning offline. OK, … Continue reading

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voice to text to twitter

Ii have been trying to set up what intially seemed like an absolutely impossible…then tantalisingly possible and now frustratingly difficult task. How great would it be if you could speak a short 15 second message into your phone and then … Continue reading

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Week 2 Homework for GSM007

1. What does the word “research” mean to ME 2. Are there other definitions I have encountered (not necc just academic)? 3. What are the different purposes which research may serve? Why does it happen? (e.g. might just be to … Continue reading

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