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Situation versus Context

Well, I’ve been wondering about this recently….how situation and context relate…and this paper: Situatedness: The Interplay between Situation and Context, comes up with a possible answer. Here they argue that situation sits with context. Funnily enough when I thought about … Continue reading

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The Why – an easier question

Why am I doing what I am doing? Because more and more I think we are expected to study informally, independently, life-long and at a distance. Learning is thought to be something that is embodied, that allows learners to construct … Continue reading

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Another little niggle

…..I’m thinking of creating a project that explores the use of the body in thinking…perhaps through metaphor which it has been argued by Lakoff and Johnson, always has its roots in the body. So then, I bought a de Bono … Continue reading

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Critiscisms of kinesthetic/haptic learning approaches

OK, I need more criticisms…. there a book called “The controversy of Montessori” I want to hear some dissenting voices discussing the cons of kinesthetic learning and haptic learning. Surely it’s not all bunnies and roses…I need some counter arguments!

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creativity in critical and analytical thinking

I have always had a bit of a problem with critical thinking. It always seemed like the boring bit of thinking. And the creative bit the “fun” bit! The dreamy bit. But I just listened to an amazing programe on … Continue reading

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Looking forward and backwards… we ever grow up…

OK, not quite 30 minutes of writing, more like 30 seconds… Some thoughts from today……. Looking at the past, I need to build on kinesthetic/haptic/playful learning theories of Montessori and Steiner, and those using objects for learning well before the … Continue reading

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situatedness, haptics and kinesthetics

I’m reading the amazing article now from SMALLab – very helpful, but what concerns me is the lack of discussion regarding context/situation…what is the role of the location in students experiences. It is not even mentioned….the environment, whether or not … Continue reading

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Mscape 2010

ah, I would have loved to have gone to Mscape 2010, especially as it was in Holland…and there is a bit of a shift in the organisation, as well as a shift away from a focus solely on location, plus … Continue reading

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A missing link

There is a point that I have been grappling with but not quite expressing. Today I found a paper which I think provides the missing link – I’ve been recognising that there’s an oddly fitting but very much real link … Continue reading

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I am thinking about objects that help us think…

link: Field and Seas homemade storybeads I have been thinking about this for a while…..what kind of objects support our thinking (of course the kinds of thinking we’re talking about…still aren’t clear to me exactly..). The idea has its roots … Continue reading

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