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The Psychology of Learning Environments

the most important thing I took from the paper was the importance of using learning spaces to create enchantment. Described as the experience of being both caught up and carried away. When enchated by what we are experiencing we are … Continue reading

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Summary: What stimulates learningand brain activity: what we can learn from the bird brain

This is a very short article that looks at the way a single scent called pirazine affects chicks. It finds that whilst birds can learn to associate colour with an unpleasant taste, scent is a far more quickly learnt association.

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hands free writing

It’s handy in the car when you’re talking on the phone but I’ve just discovered talking to write is also handy when you’re reading (for example an academic paper) and you need to create a quick summary. Rather than have … Continue reading

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Experiment: thinking on the move, voicing throughts

I’ve started experimenting with Dragon. As a working mother planning on studying I need tools that allow me to collect my thoughts on the move. But also, I’d like to explore new ways to capture my thoughts. It may be … Continue reading

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Chihuly at Phoenix Botanical Gardens

We visited the Chihuly exhibiton at the phoenix botanical gardens whilst in Phoenix. Having become slightly disillusioned and bored by a lot of the exhibitions I’ve visited recently I was suddenly incredibly excited by the experience. I’m trying to work … Continue reading

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GPS Rangers

A measured an insightful article into the value of gps ranger devices for locative tours in America’s national parks.

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