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Declarative and Procedural

Interesting news item on the radio – it was discovered that if you develop automaticity in a procedural task (e.g. hitting a golf ball into a hole), using your declarative knowledge to rationalise what you’re about to do blocks your … Continue reading

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ENKIN: GPS/Phone-based AR mapping tool on your mobile

is it really as good as it looks?! Think of the gaming and learning opportunities! Enkin from Enkin on Vimeo.

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Inspiration first hand in Art and Maths

When I paint the feeling of inspiration often comes in my mind as a flash of colour or a shape. A bit like in a dream. At this point it’s very visual already – except I feel a bit of … Continue reading

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Are there two kinds of intuition? The kind that can be learnt…..I practiced my scales to the point where I new instinctively (intuitively?) how to play a perfectly pitched B, how to jump to third position. Same for touch-typing (seems … Continue reading

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collective embodiment

What is it? How does it impact our thoughts? What does it feel like? Is it related to flow? Participatory simulation experiences are closely related.

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Relationship between maths and visuality And a final thought from Feyman

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A practical exploration of embodiment, thinking and writing

I’m taking a slightly different tack alongside the writing I’m doing here. Ultimately what I am hoping to do is find ways to support students in their learning. I work in a writing centre and one of the big struggles … Continue reading

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Games and Art

I feel like I still haven’t sufficiently established the distinction between games and art (if there is one), and whether games are art (not whether they’re always good art!). I think it’s helpful as they both seem to play an … Continue reading

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phenomenological: a definition

Best so far: “A philosophy or method of inquiry based on the premise that reality consists of objects and events as they are perceived or understood in human consciousness and not of anything independent of human consciousness” from:

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How Imagination moves us forward?

How Imagination moves us forward? Originally uploaded by Celine Llewellyn-Jones And having read Herbert Read and Steiner I’m beginning to think that imagination and creativity may not always be felt only in the body but may well be experienced soley … Continue reading

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