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A game for every situation

I had to go to A&E yesterday. I was asked to describe my symptoms to 5 separate people over the course of 3 hours. A very interesting experience as each medic had their own take on what was wrong with … Continue reading

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Double Agent: Request for feedback

with thanks to Fortune Cookie for the use of this graphic creative commons licence details Ron and I created a game that I hope we can play at a Hide and Seek Sandpit event in the near future. You can … Continue reading

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Location-based games? I prefer somatic games

I feel increasingly uncomfortable thinking of location-based games as primarily tracking the *location* of a player. More and more I feel it’s time for greater recognition of movement, direction, tempo, speed and the importance of the human body in the … Continue reading

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Games and Art

As usual this is going to be a rushed post scratching out a basic idea before I rush of to try and keep my the rest of my life above water….. whilst working on a possible piece of work for … Continue reading

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