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A step beyond Body Language

I’m always going on about how I believe we can convey meaning to location-based experience participants through movement. Not our own movement…but theirs. That all sounds a little macabre..thoughts of human puppetry spring to mind, however spaces are constantly effecting … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Sense

Proprioception. How come we never talk about it when to consider learning? I believe it plays a huge role. Almost anyone involved involved in Serious Games will have heard the saying (usually attributed to Edgar Dale and his Cone of … Continue reading

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Emotional Snap – a game of empathy

me and some floozie. 8.5 x 11 ink drawing by Honoria, circa 1991 Referring back to my last post on locating emotions…there’s the potential to create quite an interesting game that might support bonding or at least the practice of … Continue reading

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Locating my emotions…

Celine LJ’s biomap tracking levels of arousal during a walk along the ExCel Dock. Just coincidence that it’s purple but very apt I’ve always been fascinated by Christian Nolde’s BioMaps so I jumped at the chance to have a go … Continue reading

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MB Gaming in Lights!

Following on from my last post – I was overjoyed to see a whole page in this month’s Wired mag (my techno bible) on the MScaper’s game “Prisoner Escape from the Tower“.

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This isn’t exactly hot news to anyone already using the msapers site, but for me, it’s a big step for location-based gaming that’s worth a mention here.

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