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History of Location-based gaming: a work in progress.

Just realised how little I have a clear sense of the development of location-based games over the last few years…this spot here’s going to be the place where I bring together everything I know about their history. Then over time … Continue reading

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location-based gaming in SL

This is probably one of those times when I should think before I write……but I never listen to my own advice…so I’m just going to ramble this evening…. I’ve been thinking again about passing location-based data into Second Life….Is there … Continue reading

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A case of stolen identity

I was looking to set up a new Second Life account and I spotted that there was a new surname……”Llewellyn”. There really aren’t that many Llewellyns in this world and I have never found evidence of a Celine Llewellyn-Jones anywhere … Continue reading

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Tracking my Second Life with a hand-bag.

Linden Labs have created this simple mash-up that allows you to track the location of your avatar in Second Life. Haven’t quite worked out how I’d make use of the info yet but for the moment – it’s all up … Continue reading

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Try it for Yourself…

Dockers’ Dilemma is a location-based educational game played in the modern Docklands landscape augmented by historic sights and sounds. It aims to bring history to life by throwing players back in time, to land in the shoes of a 1900s … Continue reading

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Register for the event here – it’s free! Workshops mentored by industry professionals, keynotes from a range of backgrounds, a showcase of mediascapes and plenty of networking.

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