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Some benefits of virtual world learning over location-based learning

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An Invitation to Adventure

If you read this blog, and especially if you’re interested in pervasive games, then I’d like to offer you a little intrigue and innovation……..If you accept…please click HERE!

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Is Loki the world’s first decent location-based search engine? I’m not sure but I can’t wait to try it out in a truly mobile environment….. Loki is also the mythical being of mischief in Norse mythology….

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Move Me!

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Seriously Mobile Summit

I’m crossing my fingers that I can get the time to make it to the Serious Mobile Summit this Friday…I’m especially excited about the virtual discussion panel!

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© 1994-2007 Proboscis. A term used to describe a variety of different approaches, but I like the one offered by Proboscis. “Bodystorming is similar to brainstorming except it involves physical interaction and engagement with the system through a playful acting … Continue reading

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Thinking on the web…..

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the ways in which the web has changed the way I learn. One of the most striking changes is the way it helps me to precipitate ideas. You know – the ones on … Continue reading

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Gaming 3.0

I didn’t especially like Rag Doll Kung Foo the game, but I loved its tactility and the expressiveness of characters which always makes me giggle. It is refreshingly lacking in slickness – think Aardman versus Pixar, and by this I … Continue reading

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