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A13: Ode to a road

Copyright 1996-2006 The A13 is an arterial road that runs between Southend-on-sea, Essex and right into the City of London. It started its life in the late 18th century when there was a need to transport goods arriving at … Continue reading

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Something has been nagging at the back of my mind since I wrote about PerplexCity. A feeling of deja-vue. Now I’ve worked out why… When I was a kid I used to visit a friend who had a beautiful book … Continue reading

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Perplex City

The website describes Perplex City as “a story, a game, and a real-life treasure hunt.” It’s an Alternative Reality Game with clues and information hidden in newspapers, websites, magazines, sky-writing, music CDs, phone calls, SMS messages, live events, videos, puzzles … Continue reading

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What rural farmers in Montana can teach us about location-based learning.

thanks to Reading Corporeal Experience: A Haptic Way of Knowing, felt like hitting the jackpot. Maire Eithne O’Neill pulls together all the threads of Learning Theory, Dance, Georgraphy, Ethnography, Urban planning, Human Cognition, Environmental Psychology and in particular; case … Continue reading

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HARP is a new educational location-based game developed by MIT and Harvard. eSchoolNews have published a detailed article on the experience, reviewing game-play, what and how students learn. They call this kind of game “Augmented Reality”. I’ve always see AR … Continue reading

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