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Over the horizon…..

I’m confusing myself by increasingly blogging and …what’s the word for reading other people’s blogs… “oggling?” on GIS, mapping and virtual earths and less directly on location-based technologies and games. I mean, I even made a new GIS blog category … Continue reading

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An apology

An apology to anyone who ever looked at this blog in internet explorer and bothered to return….it was a sorry mess but it’s been sorted out.

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Location-based game design workshop

For anyone lucky enough to get to GDC this year, I’d recommend the Location-Based Learning with Mobile Games workshop run by Karen Schrier. And if you do go, please blog it and send me the link!

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Value of location-based games for learning

Here’s the slides from my at IAS workshop three “What do location-based games do best” at Bristol University last Wednesday. And here’s the audio! Click here to get your own player.

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A Life in Maps

The British Library’s “A Life in Maps “ is a brilliant, free exhibition at the British Library. The book based on the exhibition is already sold out and there’s still 6 weeks to go – a good indication of its’ … Continue reading

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Ordnance Survey

Until recently creating map-based location-based games was a real struggle. It was impossible to find high quality and publically available maps. Now OS are offering

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The Long View of Computer Games

Catch the Long View on Computer Games and simulations before the next programme is broadcast. Jonathan Freedland puts the panic over video games into historical perspective by going back to the scandal surrounding the arrival of the early English novel. … Continue reading

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New pilots

Two new location-based game pilots ran recently that are clearly designed with the affordances of the medium rather than traditional streetgames in mind. Both were developed by HP (and partners) and were created using the MobileBristol authoring tool. iMagick is … Continue reading

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