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recategorising games.

I have started to think more deeply about my previous post on games and genres and why it is that location-based games and games in general still resort to the same old themes and I began to recall my first … Continue reading

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Character Design for Mobile Devices

The more I think about augmented reality and location-based games, the more I believe our eyes are going to have to lead us through our physical world and we’ll be depending on entering the virtual world through hearing and touch. … Continue reading

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The tortoise and the hare

We tend to equate excitement with speed. It isn’t surprising then that the marjority of games taking advantage of the newest wireless and gps technolgies in which players can inhabit both a virtual and physical space, tend to involve running, … Continue reading

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…I haven’t finished yet on the subject of the Mobile Bristol conference!. n I wanted to note down the key learning points that were repeated throughout and that, in this new field, did not always seem immediately obvious….. 1. Sound … Continue reading

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An article from the BBC regarding the new Galileo positioning system fills anyone interested in location and position based media with huge excitement. It describes Galileo as providing one-metre, worldwide accuracy…..without regional or local augmentation” But for me, the burning … Continue reading

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Edging ahead

Last year I went to what I thought would be the one and only MobileBristol conference – Children, Play and Locative Media. HP were in some financial difficulty and there was a sense that the authoring tool would be put … Continue reading

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Well trodden paths

Like human snail trails, this tool is bound to give you insight into your daily life patterns as well as turning you into a GPS scribble artist.

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