New OLIVE version is out today!

We’re excited to announce that a significant new release of the OLIVE  virtual world platform is available from today. Our clients are being informed and we’ll be updating our demo servers for tours and discussions of new features this week. We’ve been using the beta version so long I’ve almost forgotten what’s new!

Some of the new features :

  • New Telephony option enables including mobile phone users in virtual world conversations and vice versa!
  • Improved interface makes it easy to access common features and adjustments including inventory, presentation screesn, views and audio. (it’s much better!)
  • New Scene editor makes it easy to set up training scenes with all the right avatars with correct uniforms/clothing and equipment – then reset as needed.
  • Many new avatar sets with more choices of  business clothing and ethnicity
  • New diverse meeting spaces
  • Lots of  engineering modifcations to improve performance and interoperability
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